WI CO2 camera re-installation

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WI CO2 camera re-installation

Post  Alessio on Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:13 pm

Task performed by Vajente, Marque and Canuel, see Virgo logbook entry #23339

This morning, we took the opportunity to put back the thermal camera on the WI TCS bench.
We realigned the setup also (mirror + 2 lenses + camera) in order to have all the optics at the same height.
Note: The height of the beam is a 10.5mm there whereas all the other optics on the bench are adjusted for 11.5mm (same thing for the NI setup).
The first image shows the result. Note that it is not centered on the camera because of a mecganical problem of the mount of the camera that will be fixed later on in the afternoon.
The image is quite bad. We thought that it could be due to a change of alignment at the level of the axicon due to the new temperature set point of the laser.
So the temperature was changed from 22.9 to 21.5.
We waited for thermalization during the weekly meeting.
The consequence of this change of temperature can be seen in the second image which looks much nicer (actually the setup was aligned in the past at this laser temperature).
Conclusion: we believe that the alignment of the beam at the output of the laser depends on the temperature.
The temperature of the lasers have been fixed once for all before checking both benches alignment: WI=21.7 and NI=21.3


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