Information from Datasheet Thermometer DT470 SD

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Information from Datasheet Thermometer DT470 SD

Post  Alessandro on Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:08 pm

With the required supply current we have:

So at low temperatures the thermometer should not give problems!

At ambient temperature the Table is satisfied.
At low temperatures the size ranges of some + or - 1.5K, this is not good.

The voltage is read from the Data Acquisition Card (PC), fully functional at ambient temperature, and is not temperature dependent.

First Conclusions:

  • The problems of reading not derived from the variation of the resistance of DT470 SD.
  • The data acquisition system is functioning.
  • There remains the practical method of measurement has been used:
Probably the medium used to support the thermometer, in liquid nitrogen, perhaps introduce heat constantly.
The medium was much in contact with the ambient temperature of the laboratory, and was of wood.

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