Measure/Scan with thermometer PT100 and Multiplexer

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Measure/Scan with thermometer PT100 and Multiplexer

Post  Alessandro on Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:37 am

I connected the four-wire of the PT100 temperature probe to channels 26 and 27 of the card.
In this picture we can see how I connected the four wires of the PT100 to the multiplexer card:

Then I installed the card and set the scan function of the multiplexer for the series of measures.
In this test the scan will run for 30 times every 5 seconds.
Important is to specify the type of sensor used:

The channel 26 is set to measure the voltage, the channel 27 for the temperature.
The table of measurements (Channels 26 and 27):

The graph of temperature (scan every 5 sec):

Next step:
- Acquire data in real time using LabVIEW software.
- Define graphs in real time to control the temperature of each probe PT100 (LabVIEW).

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