Wave front distortions with Zemax

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Wave front distortions with Zemax

Post  Alessio on Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:30 am

I used again the calculations done by Laura on the probe beam telescopes to try to evaluate the wave front distortions introduced by the thermal lens in the R&D set up. The simulation is very simple: the beam goes through a Galileian telescope, then passes through the heated TM, with variable ROC, and then the beam is reduced by a telescope equal to the input one. Zemax can calculate the wave front on the image plane. I simply changed the ROC of the TM to simulate the lensing effect.

First picture shows the optical layout.

First image is the wave front when there is no thermal lensing. Then I started to introduce lenses with decreasing ROCs (3km, 1km, 0.7km, 0.5km and 0.3km). The change in the wave front is clearly visible on the Zemax images.

The wedge in the TM is not yet included. I hope to speak with E. Genin to see how to introduce it.

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