Beam Splitter Thermal Analisys Preliminary Results

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Beam Splitter Thermal Analisys Preliminary Results

Post  Alessio on Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:46 pm

I started analizing the thermal effects in the beam splitter. Since in this case the system is not axysimmetrical, I had to do a full 3D model. According to the AdV preliminary design, the dimensions of the BS are: diameter=550mm and thickness=65mm. I supposed that the absorptions of the BS substrate and coating are the same as in the TM (2.0ppm/cm and 0.5ppm). I could not find anywhere the size of the YAG beam onto the BS, so for now I'm using the same dimensions as on the TM (this will have to be asked to A. Freise soon).
The power impinging on the BS is: Pyag*Grec/2(divided by 2 because of the BS reflectivity of 50%)*2(because the beam passes twice on the BS)=Pyag*Grec, where Pyag is the transmitted power from the IMC, equal to 125W, and Grec is the gain of the recycling cavity, 23.5.
The first figure shows the thermal load on the BS at an angle of 45°

Second an third images show the temperature map when the BS is cut with a plane parallel to the x and y axes respectively.


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