RH power as a function of the RH position

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RH power as a function of the RH position

Post  Alessio on Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:44 pm

I made some structural analises to optimize the position of the RH in order to minimize the power required to achieve the "cold" state ROC (1416m in these simulations). The RH position is measured starting from the HR face of the TM. RH is 2.5cm away from the lateral surface of the TM. Moreover the RH is bare, no parabolic shield.
Next picture shows a scheme of the geometric set-up.

3D view of the results.

The result is that there is a minimum power requirement for a RH placed 15cm away from the HR face. It is clear that by placing a parabolic shield around the RH, these power requirements should decrease.

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