Test real-time data acquisition with DT470-SD

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Test real-time data acquisition with DT470-SD

Post  Alessandro on Tue May 12, 2009 12:50 am

Block diagram for the reading of the thermometer:

The supply voltage for the converter V/I is given by the channels Out0 and Out1 (+10V and -10V respectively, through Labview).
The Voltage Vin is calibrated to generate the appropriate I+ for the thermometer.

The converter is inverting, and the output voltage is negative.

Data acqisition:
The probe was positioned in a place at room temperature,
and we have acquired in real time the following data (channel DF0):

Conclusions and observations:
The data acquisition system is functioning;
- The data acquired have an acceptable performance;
- The temperature has a variation of about 4K;
- The conditions of detection were not optimized;

Next step:
- Optimizing detection of temperature;
- Make sure the temperature is more centered and less variable.

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