Converter Voltage/Current - Circuit assembly

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Converter Voltage/Current - Circuit assembly

Post  Alessandro on Fri May 15, 2009 1:50 am

The converter (V/I) assembly:

The switch (on/off) is relative to Vin.
The switches for V+ and V- are in the control panel in Labview.

The Vo can be used to check the voltage of the probe DT-470-SD.

Conclusions and observations:
- Installation of a voltage partitor (to define a single supply voltage);
- Recheck the function of the circuit
(On this occasion: simple test by isolating the probe positioning it in an appropriate container)

Next step:
- Optimizing the measurement of temperature by placing the probe in liquid nitrogen;
- Examine the background noise of the measure of temperature;
- If necessary work on noise reduction.

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